Safely Navigate the Regulatory Environment

As if the current business environment was not already challenging enough, today’s business owners and managers must now contend with a virtual sea of Federal, State and Local governmental regulations.

OSHA, EPA, DOT, various State Environmental Regulators and countless County Environmental/Health Departments have flooded the business world with regulation after regulation; the failure of which to understand and fully appreciate could seriously damage or sink even the most worthy company. Responsible parties that fail to fully comply with these regulations face costly, potentially economically crippling fines and other liabilities.

The professionals at Compliance Specialists, Inc. can help your company wade through these regulations, identify and understand the important issues and concerns, and develop a compliance program that meets the requirements of these regulators.

Maximize Your Limited Resources

In this highly competitive business environment, maximizing the potential of your limited resources is critical to continued profitability. As such, many business owners and managers find themselves with fewer and fewer resources (time, money and personnel) to invest in environmental, health, and safety-related activities. Here again, CSI can help!

Whether your interest is in outsourcing your company’s complete environmental, health, and safety related functions or merely bolstering your existing activities with assistance in specific areas (i.e. audits, plan preparation or training) Compliance Specialists is ready, willing and able to design programs which satisfy your organization’s specific needs.

Avoid Costly Lawsuits

With our society as litigious as it is today, the need for compliance is driven by far more than just the threat of potential fines and penalties from regulators. As devastating as fines or penalties for non-compliance can be, businesses should not overlook the threat of civil actions resulting from alleged non-compliance with established environmental, health, and safety standards. As you might expect, trial costs and jury awards related to these types of lawsuits have the potential of being a far more serious threat to the continued well being of your business.

CSI stands ready to assist you in the development of environmental, health and safety programs that can help you to lessen and, hopefully, avoid potential civil liability. Firstly, CSI can help you develop and implement programs that keep your employees and the environment safe. No mishaps means no problems! Secondly, if an incident does lead to a lawsuit, we will have provided you with the preemptory programs, employee safety training, and required documentation to build a strong defense.

Minimize Rising Insurance Costs

No one needs to tell you that insurance-related costs are on the rise. Fortunately, as we have seen many times over the years, a well designed and implemented compliance program has the potential of paying for itself through significant reductions in your company’s Health Insurance premiums, Workman’s Compensation rates and other insurance-related costs.

Guarantee Confidentiality

At Compliance Specialists, Inc., our programs are developed through a relationship of trust and cooperation with our clients. As a result, our consulting work with your organization will always be held in the strictest of confidence.

Improve Employee Productivity

At the heart of any health and safety program is the desire to protect the well being of your company’s greatest asset . . . your employees. As we stated before, no mishaps means no problems. Most importantly, however, a proactive health and safety program can lead to improved employee morale, greater job satisfaction, less waste, higher quality control, less lost time and increased productivity, which will maximize profitability.